Friday, May 25, 2012

I haven't even had the house to myself for two hours* and I already find myself wearing the official I've-Given-Up uniform**, drinking warm Dr. Pepper, eating shredded cheese out of a bag, trying to find the trashiest tv possible and pondering the mysteries of the universe. Stuff like -

Why have I had "Blame It On The Alcohol" stuck in my head for three days straight?

Better question: Why do I have "Blame It On The Alcohol" on my iTunes?

Even Better Question: Why am I even aware of the existence of the song "Blame It On The Alcohol"?

*the boys are heading down south in search of a rental house and I would rather be shot in the face than spend my Friday evening on LA/Orange County freeways

**sweatpants stained with some food, tank top stained with some other food, mis-matched socks and a ponytail - If I owned UGG boots, I could go out in public to buy wine coolers and let the world know

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