Tuesday, June 25, 2013

To lighten the mood a little

The other day, I took my kid to his first concert (Iggy Azalea  - Australian rapper, model and all around classy bitch*) at a club in Hollywood and as we're walking from the car to the club, he says:

"Are we allowed to leave?"

"What do you mean?"

"Are we allowed to leave or do they lock the doors or something?"

"Not only do they lock the doors to keep you in, they take attendance at the end and you can't leave until everyone is accounted for."

It was a really good show, although I was pretty sure I was going to go blind from all the flashes from all the selfies people were taking. And can we all agree that super drunk chicks who want to grind on people**, couples who want to make out and people who are 6'5" or taller need to not be anywhere in the first 10 or 11 rows of general admission?

*I'm not being a creep, she called herself that during the show

** this drunk chick was rubbing her ass on my purse (which I was wearing across my body) for so long that I think my purse might be pregnant


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