Friday, March 12, 2010

It is a universal fact -

If you happen to go to the store on Friday evening, because you feel like crap and are wondering if it's possible that there's some over-the-counter remedy you haven't tried, and you also need Capri-Suns for The Kid's lunch and probably some laundry detergent and maybe some light pink nailpolish because you're kind of on a nailpolish kick right now and you are sadly without any subtle colors - and you happen to find The Most Effing Adorable Ruffled Panties that you kind of have to get, not because you have any reason whatsoever to wear ruffled panties, but just because they are OMG SO CUTE - it will happen that The Most Effing Adorable 19-Year-Old Boy Cashier is the only cashier working and those fetching panties? Will be the only thing in your basket that doesn't scan properly, so the OMG SO CUTE boy will have to spend what feels like three and a half hours typing in the code thing while the line builds up behind you and there are approximately sixty-seven people in your town who are now privvy to your adorable, ruffled underwear ownership.

please note: these are not my ruffled panties (nor my semi-mannish torso, nor my or suntan pantyhose - shout out too 1985, whaaaat?)

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