Friday, February 26, 2010

The yin and the yang of my kitchen skillz

Tonight, while The Kid was at basketball practice, I mixed and stirred and kneaded a spectacular batch of these cinnamon rolls (including cream cheese frosting with real vanilla beans) for tomorrow morning. These are not just pop open a can and toss then into a cake pan cinnamon rolls. These are seriously-amazing-no-really-I'm-not-fucking-around-here CINNAMON ROLLS - each and every one is a gooey, buttery, lick-your-fingers lump of heaven (don't believe me? Ask my bff - who doesn't even cook - and she will tell you how ridiculous these are - lots of work, but worth it).

As I'm tucking the raw rolls into the refrigerator (in the morning, they sit out for an hour, then get baked and smothered with the frosting and then everyone slips into a sugar and fat coma), the pan gets stuck - there's something blocking it from going all the way in. I pull out the pan to see what's in the way and see a ziploc baggie with a golden brown lump of something in it.

I pull out the bag and recognize one of my famous dinner rolls... After a second, I realize that the last time I made my famous dinner rolls was... Thanksgiving... and it's almost March.


Also, this is why real chefs have sous chefs, so they don't have to clean up after themselves.

In other news, I kind of gumped my way into a part-time cooking gig - a mom of a kid on The Kid's basketball team doesn't have time to/doesn't like to cook and I'm always offering her super easy recipes, blah blah blah (I'm seriously like one of those religious weirdos with food), finally after a long chat about noms, she says "Why don't I just pay you to cook for me and I'll pick up the food after I pick up [her kid] at school?"

Wait... you want to pay me for something I already love love love to do? Um... yeah, I guess that would be okay... (OMG!!!!!!)


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