Sunday, February 28, 2010

So I'm watching "Desperately Seeking Susan" this morning* and it's so funny to see how these actors have evolved and changed in the 25 (!!!!) years since this movie was released.

For instance:

Rosana Arquette - went on to have a sex change and marry Courtney Cox
Aidan Quinn - ... well, he just pretty much stayed hot
The guy who played Madonna's boyfriend, who wasn't nearly as hot as Aidan Quinn and I was always like "why is she with him when Aidan Quinn is around? Does she need corrective lenses?" - went on to clean himself up and become the coroner guy on "CSI: NY"
Madonna -... went on to become British

I remember when this movie came out, either VH1 or Mtv was selling those horrible pyramid jackets for $49.95 and I would have killed for one, but I was 11 and $50 might as well have been a trillion dollars.

And isn't it funny how so many of the wacky mis-communications in old(er) movies could have been cleared up instantly if they'd had cell phones or Twitters... or common sense.

Can you imagine if they redid this movie now? They'd take out ads on Craigslist and Madonna would probably want to play herself, so they'd have to change the name of the movie to "Desperately Seeking Skeletor"

*Because there's never anything on on Sunday mornings, I'm assuming it's Comcast's way of encouraging us Godless heathens to go to church instead of nursing coffee and nomming leftover cinnamon rolls

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