Sunday, March 07, 2010

what was I saying?

I always joke that I have a very short attention span and am easily distracted by small shiny objects.

If anyone had ever doubted that - this morning, I was writing one of my rare, generally genuine posts that would possibly leave me feeling a bit vulnerable and almost regret-y about writing it - it was something about how I compartmentalize things and people in my life and I have a place for everything and keep everything (and everyone) in its place and how it's weird when those compartments collide (or when people I know "irl" read the blog and then I sort of feel all weird and possibly censor-y)... but then I started watching "The Breakfast Club" and all I can think about now is 1985 Judd Nelson's head between my thighs.

Sidenote: what's up with all the awesome 80s movies on Sunday mornings? Thanks, Comcast.

Sidenote part II - Electric Bugaloo: I just realized this movie is where I got one of my favorite lines; "Sweets, you couldn't ignore me if you tried" - I totally use that all the time (generally sarcastically, but sort of not because being ignored is my biggest pet peeve).

Sidenote III - in 3-D: I really really really really hope Hollywood never tries to remake this movie, because... really.

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