Sunday, August 15, 2010

one track mind much?

So, a couple weeks ago, I took a picture of some twee little mushrooms and I decided to make it my desktop -

(cute right? You can click to see it bigger)

The only problem is - when I have a browser window open (98% of the time I'm on my precious iBook), it cuts off most of the bigger mushroom and leaves what looks like a boob on the side of my screen:

see it? 

And then it becomes all I can see - the nipple-less mushboob, just hanging out there on the side of the screen. Of course, I could just change the picture - I have thousands of pictures on this computer, or I could move the browser window to cover it, but... honestly, my laziness knows no bounds sometimes. And it's just a boob - if I did cover it or change it, a certain boob nazi I know and adore would probably round up a herd of breastfeeders and stage a protest in my living room.


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