Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up with a HUGE to-do list in your head, think that you had better get to that list first thing if you even want to make a dent in it a and then you decide to blow it all off and make a strawberry lemonade cheesecake instead?

no? just me?


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  • I regularly feel like doing this, but don't... and here's why... today, I thought I could go get my oil changed before going to work. Half hour tops. Then, there were some asinine computer diagnostic issues... then some tire pressure monitor issues... and two hours later my "oil change" was done. And I got to work and all hell had broken loose... So, when I try to even blow things off (like a whole half hour of work) the Universe roundly whips my ass.

    Oh, and I want strawberry lemonade cheesecake.

    By Blogger Steph, at 10:02 AM  

  • I get a bitchslap from the Universe every time I tell a big lie. So I try to tell the truth all the time (where's the fun there?).

    And just this week I got my first ever oil change that didn't take half a freaking day. I was in and out in 20 minutes, I was like... "Really? Aren't you going to try to sell me a hundred things and take fifty other customers in the meantime?" I felt like I had a whole free day!

    By Blogger Veruca Salt, at 10:26 AM  

  • Strawberry lemonade cheesecake? Really??? I hope you know that every time you write about making cheesecake (of any kind), it makes me want to uproot my life and move to the other edge of the country to be your neighbor/roommate?

    That's not creepy/weird, right?

    By Blogger Amanda, at 10:35 AM  

  • it's totally creepy/weird - but I have such an affection for creepy/weird.

    (you can come, but just make sure the boyfriend knows there will be no discussion of jell-o flavors)

    By Blogger Veruca Salt, at 11:22 AM  

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