Thursday, September 09, 2010


If, on a whim, you decide to make caramel apple cheesecake - and you decide to use a recipe for homemade caramel sauce you've never tried before, it might be a good idea to pay attention to the part of that recipe that instructs you to keep an eye on the sugar while it is boiling - even if 10 minutes seems like forever to be checking on that saucepan - because otherwise you'll get yourself into a solitaire game online and completely forget about it until smoke starts billowing out of the kitchen.

(Take two was much better, though, and homemade caramel sauce is rub-it-all-over-your-body good.)


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  • OH. MY. GOD.

    Caramel apple cheesecake??? You can mail me some of that, right? I don't live THAT far away...

    By Blogger Amanda, at 6:58 PM  

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