Saturday, August 28, 2010

So I'm at my friend's daughter's wedding reception today, feeling very un-Mormon and very uncomfortable* and I see one of the waitresses heading towards our table with a bottle of something that looks suspiciously like wine - I generally don't drink wine, but I was totally willing to make an exception in this case... then she set the bottle down on the table and it was grape juice. DAMN!

But the food was amazing (I will honestly die if I don't get to eat another strawberry/bleu cheese/spinach salad very soon), the setting was unbelievable, the bride and groom seem absolutely adorable and the wedding dj was appropriately goofy.

And my primary care physician was there (whut???), and so was the lieutenant governor of the state (whut whut????). But weirder than that was one of the groom's sisters who had quadruplets - 4 adorable boys with blond hair, blue eyes and bow ties on their little suits, they couldn't have been more than three-years old. I spent half the reception marveling at how she was able to look calm, cool and really pretty (like Jenny McCarthy with smaller boobs) with 4 little boys. Then I realized that she also had a younger daughter. How do you give birth to a litter of children - no matter how cute and blond - and then even consider putting out the "Open for Business" sign on your uterus ever again? If that were me, I would have gone home from the hospital after birthing that brood wearing a chastity belt.

And I wish I had pictures of this house, it looked like a hotel - it was bigger than the mall in town - and I had my camera with me, but since I don't really know the family, I didn't want to be the creepy person creeping around the grounds taking pictures. But here's a picture of the way up there -

it's in the middle of nowhere, but the drive is gorgeous... although, I can't imagine living that far away from the city - some days it's enough for me to get my kid to school which is a half mile away from the house. And I've never once remembered to get everything I need at the grocery store.

*partly because I was around a bunch of people I didn't know and partly because I was wearing a dress I'd never worn before (it wasn't the dress I'd intended for the reception, but the cute flowered sundress I'd originally planned to wear decided it didn't want to cover up my spectacular rack and popped one of its skinny little straps right before we were getting ready to leave, and I didn't have time to bust out the thread and needle, so I changed into this cute wrap dress I got off of eBay - it's just as well, I suppose, I would have hated for my outfit to go all wardrobe-malfunction at the Mormon fest)

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