Wednesday, August 25, 2010

how not to make a new friend

this morning, I take my mutt to the dog park and we're there alone for a while until this cute tattooed boy comes in with his pitbull-ish dog.

We talk about dogs and stuff, then start talking about tattoos, he asks where I got one of mine, I tell him and ask where he gets his done - he rattles off the names of a bunch of local shops and artists.

"Oh, so you're kind of a whore?"

He shrugs.


A while later he's talking about the store he owns and I ask what store.

him: [local business next to my eye doctor]

me: I know where that place is, you're next to my eye doctor. I've seen your commercials

him (cringing): they're awful.

me: they totally are! But local commercials are supposed to be awful. At least yours are better than those cheesy tanning salon commercials, you know the ones with those supertan girls...

him: my girlfriend is one of those girls

me: ...

(a few minutes later)

me: wait... is that you in the commercials wearing the super tight sweater?

him: ...

and here's my dog, frolicking -

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