Sunday, August 22, 2010

om nom nom

Within the past week, I've been bitten by 2 snakes*, 1 lizard** and one of my favorite dogs*** at the dog park.****

I'm thinking the universe is trying to send me a message.

And clearly, that message is that I'm DELICIOUS! 

* probably my fault, they were hungry and I may or may not have smelled like the food I was preparing to feed them

** possibly my fault, I was hand-feeding him some banana (apparently, his favorite food), it was kind of squished on my finger and he was super excited about it.

*** not completely my fault, he's a rescue dog who was abused previously, I was petting him and my phone fell out of my pocket, I reached for it and I think I scared him, so he nipped at my hand.

**** possibly noteworthy, I was momentarily surprised, but not scared by any of these bites. Then, the other night when I saw a small spider skittering across the living room floor, I was so freaked out that I squealed like a little girl and grabbed a chair to kill it. A chair. Overkill much?


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