Thursday, September 02, 2010

In honor of today's date - 9/02/10 (90210) - I present my very favorite 90210 memory.

I was in high school at about the same time as the original 90210 kids and it was the show at that time (probably because we didn't have facebook, twitter or eBay). Near the end of my senior year, I was dating this adorkable guy and, for some reason (*cough* teen hormones *cough*), he and I used to refer to each other as Dylan and Brenda (shut up).

He even signed my yearbook as such - something cheesy along the lines of "no matter what happens, at this moment, I love you"* - obviously, it foreshadowed our breakup before the end of summer, but looking back, it's kind of really sweet.

* I'm not digging out the book to get the exact words because I'll probably die if I have to look at my senior picture with my crunchy curly hair, nose hoop, burgundy lipstick and teal pirate shirt (shut up, it was the early 90s)


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  • I remember convincing my mom to buy me this BEAUTIFUL blue and gold print dress (no, shut up, it really was beautiful!) from Delia's (I think?).

    A few months later I saw the exact same dress on Donna in a 90210 episode. (And yes, I looked very closely, it was the EXACT same dress.) I was excited and felt VERY cool owning the same dress worn on that show...

    By Blogger Amanda, at 10:35 AM  

  • Oh! Also, there was one summer in college I was living at home and watching reruns, 2 episodes a day, in the mornings before I went to my part time job. My dad was on nights at the time and used to watch it with me, supposedly only because it's what I had on.

    Until the day I'd had to go into work early and missed the episodes and the next day my dad caught me up on what I'd missed. ;-)

    By Blogger Amanda, at 10:36 AM  

  • Oh PUUUUULEAZE dig out the yearbook picture! Please please please!!!!!!!

    By Blogger excruciatingly, at 6:20 PM  

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