Thursday, September 02, 2010

tonight, Ambien is making me thirsty.

well, maybe not directly making me thirsty, but it's certainly keeping me from being not-thirsty anymore. i keep thinking that I need to get up from the couch and fill up my water cup (I drink a lot of water), but then Ambien distracts me with shadow bugs out of the corner of my eye, or creepy clown hallucinations out of the corner of my other eye.

And I'm really thirsty, like, you know how super thirsty you get when there's no water nearby, kind of like how you don't realize you have to pee until the bathroom is shut down for maintenance, then you're suddenly possessed to do the peepee dance.

For some reason, my computer looks like a Renaissance computer and I know they didn't have computers back then, but when I'm on this wonder-drug, it makes my precious iBook look all scroll-y or something, it just gives it a Renaissance aura to it. Which makes perfect sense to me, but really doesn't.

I want to do Ambien experiments - like, take 2 in one night, or chase it with a redbull, or do some tequila shots with it, or go on a trampoline, or skulk through a Walmart (and still not be the most fucked up person in the store)

I think my bookcase looks mad at me - not the straight books, all lined up like they should be, but there are some books sprawled horizontally on top of those books and they kind of look like angry eyebrows. I'd take a picture and upload it, but - to be honest, I don't know that I posses the coordination possible for that. And, anyway, if anything would have the right to be angry, it would be the CDs, half of them are still boxed up from the last move and nobody listens to them anymore...

I think if I weren't feeling yawn-y and droopsy tired, I could probably ramble on about the emotional states of all the inanimate things in the house, but... really. And, besides, spelling is becoming increasingly difficult for me.

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