Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear People Who Live On The Corner -

As if it weren't enough that you

  • have somewhere between 22 and 38 people living in your single family home
  • park all over the street making visibility pretty difficult on our streetlight-less street
  • have one dog who barks approximately 19 hours a day
  • have one dog who escapes at least once a day and craps on our lawn
  • have one little girl who lives there who looks like a demon and I'm pretty sure she steals a little bit of my soul every time we make eye contact
  • caught and ate my landlords pet rabbits*
  • play extremely loud, thumping, mind-numbing mariachi music every weekend

Now you've gone and painted the outside of your house a color that is halfway between seafoam green and baby-nursery blue.

It's official, you guys are the biggest assholes in the neighborhood.



*a teeny bit his fault for not being able to contain them within his backyard

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