Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Local News Guy,

I get that you're limited on time in the news promos, but it would still be helpful to remember that pauses in your reading are important.

Like this evening when you said -

"Locals gather to remember the local student killed by a shark with a candlelight vigil"

It would have made much more sense if there had been a pause between "shark" and "with". Otherwise it sounds like a tragic day at the local Yankee Candle store.


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  • Although this may be an inappropriate story to critique reporting (besides, who in the 21st Century watches TV broadcast news anymore?), it looks like the web page article from said station was literate: http://www.keyt.com/news/local/Candle-Light-Vigil-Announced-for-Shark-Victim--105763538.html

    Occasionally we're reminded that we're not the top of the food chain. And talking heads on TV are also endangered (but not because *they're* tasty).

    By Blogger pixel, at 9:00 AM  

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