Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stupid Ambien... I'm just kidding, baby, I love you

I spent seriously 20 minutes digging through the medicine area in search of some kind of nighttime medication to mask my symptoms until morning - of course nothing like that exists in this house - so Ambien is, of course, the next viable option since the second my head hits that pillow, none of my symptoms will exist at least until the morning.

Oh, and, Mucinex, thanks for doing nothing but make me have to drink lots and then pee much.

Also, fucking apropos of nothing, I was googling home remedies for head congestion and, the first site i came to advised me that MOST head congestion is caused by people coming out of the shower and not drying their hair immediately... so, in the... i don't know, years since I last used a hairdryer and regularly let my mop of hair drip dry, that's all been building up to this bacterial/viral/ebola shit that is currently making me feel like squished crud?

i have no idea where i was going with that, so I should probably just, you know, let jesus take the wheel the Ambien do its job provided I can maneuver myself into the bed... damn, I can't wait to delete this one tomorrow... if i ever stop writing and eventually get to tomorrow - damn, chatty much? yeah, apparently

Seriously going to sleep now because I'm fighting a pretty strong urge to listen to Alanis and that never leads to anything goood.

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