Monday, October 18, 2010

The "Looks Like" game

The Kid had 3 basketball games yesterday up in San Luis Obispo - with the time between games and the drive there and back, it meant that most of my day was devoted to basketball - which is fine, I like the game and I like watching The Kid play and one of the kids on The Kid's team has a dad who tends to be a bit drunk* when he comes to the games and he provides plenty of courtside entertainment.

However - the downtime between games kind of kills me, though - stuck in folding chairs in a stuffy gym - I get bored and start to play the "Looks Like" game -

it starts out innocently enough - 

but then it gets oddly specific -
  • that referee looks like a street cop from the 1930s in Chicago
  • that kid with the awful 80s hair looks like Ellen Page in "Hard Candy"
  • that blond kid looks like a junior serial killer from a  Civil War movie
  • the center on our 5th grade team looks like a a dumb bully from a tv show

then perhaps a tad creepy -
  • damn, that kid on the 9th grade team looks EXACTLY like a young Nathan Fillion, I wonder if I can find him on facebook and add some kind of application that will alert me when he's reached the age of consent...

*normally, I'd judge, but he's a prison guard, so I figure he deals with stuff on a daily basis that would make anyone a little crazy, so he gets a pass - plus he always brings a designated driver with him, so...


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