Friday, October 15, 2010

clusterfuck of stuff because I couldn't leave the spider post at the top of the page

  • I'm pretty sure I saw a drug deal go down in the Petsmart parking lot... I'm guessing they were too lazy to drive over to the Chuck E Cheese in the same shopping center?
  • In case I never mentioned it, the squishy little Boxer we brought home turned out to be a not-good fit for the house - fortunately for her, there was a family who already had a Boxer who were more than happy to take her off of our hands (through the shelter - it was all above board and all) - In doing more internet research, it looks like dogs can handle being an only dog better than cats can handle being an only cat.
  • I'm going to start volunteering at the animal shelter next month (I was sick and missed the volunteer orientation for this month) so I can play with puppies and not have to stay awake with them at night or have them chew up my shoes.
  • Can you spot the cat in this picture of a messy closet?
yep, she's up at the top and I don't know how she got up there, but I'm hoping she'll be able to get down by herself.

and here's a close up
the woman who originally adopted her was told she was a Flamepoint Siamese, but, to my knowledge, it's genetically impossible for a Siamese to have one blue eye and one green. She could be an Oriental Shorthair, which is related to a Siamese, or she could just be a lovely white cat with a freakishly long tail and mis-matched eyes. In Thailand, cats with "odd-eyes" such as this are considered good luck.

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