Thursday, September 01, 2011

Ambien is weird, it's this teeny little pill, pop it in your mouth and you won't even feel it going down (unlike my horrible vitamin B supplement I take which expands into the size of a throw pillow once it reaches the back of my throat and then I have to swallow about 14 gallons of water just to get all of its hateful jagged pieces out of my throat.)

Although, unlike vitamin B's continued assault on me (making my pee toxic yellow and smelling faintly of cereal), Ambien just kind of slides in like a cool comforter, just covering me up like a warm hug of a mug of tea... although I'd kind of prefer hot apple cider, if you'd be willing to make it for me right now.

k, the local news is all kinds of boring (like all small town newscasts) and I'm not confident that I could focus my eyes on the tv long enough to locate another tv show I might to watch... I'm not even convenient that there are any tv shows I feel like watching right now... especially since I'm probably going to collapse on the bed the second I get there (please note - it took at least 5 minutes to write out that sentence)

You know, ambien is kind of like manna from heaven, it kind of makes me feel jell-o-ified and mellow and like I couldn't possibly think any of my ridonk crazy-person thoughts. Which is awesome.

fuck, I'm tired.

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