Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here's why I don't have an overabundance of friends

I braved the terrifying Los Angeles area freeway system to go see a friend I hadn't seen in... about 5 years* and I greeted her with:

"omg, look at your boobs!"

And that's appropriate in my world.

And I got to spend the afternoon cuddling with her precious feather-y-haired baby which almost made my ovaries explode**.

*I met her in Savannah, then she moved to LA and I did, too, but I made that long stop in Texas and the longer one in Santa Maria

** I don't want another baby, but I kind of want another baby - I want a baby for the cute little socks and the little face and because I have a great camera now which would be great for taking baby pictures - none of which are really decent reasons for growing another human being, and I'm sure it's purely biological because I'm getting to that age where my eggs are thinking about expiring... but fuck biology is all I'm saying.

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