Sunday, June 10, 2012

because, for some reason, blogging always sounds like a good idea about 15 minutes after the Ambien kicks in

Within the span of the last hour, I ended an email with "I <3 you so hard right now that I can barely stand it" (the return email ended with "and oh, yeah, I love you, too, even when I don't agree with you"*)

And I ended a phone conversation with "Shut up, jackass. I'll talk to you later, kbai"**

Also, I need to add "texting" to the list of stuff that I cannot do while Ambien-ing*** - sending a telegram would have been easier.

*this was the first disagreement I've had all week that had nothing to do with professional basketball

**that one was after the Ambien started kicking in

***although receiving a return text containing half the lyrics of George Michael's "Faith" kind of made it worth it

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