Thursday, May 31, 2012

most. boring. ambien. adventure. EVER

Tonight since taking the wonder pill, I purchased 2 very cute sundresses off of eBay*, loaded some books and music onto my iPod** and halfway watched the news***.

Lame! Where are the drunken texts, the inappropriate IMs, the omelet I'd really love to have right now... fuck I want that omelet - just a couple fluffy eggs, some pepper jack cheese and a bunch of avocado... of those ingredients, all I have are eggs. And that's not an omelet, it's scrambled eggs... although I could maybe go for some scrambled eggs with ketchup..... of course, I can't walk a straight line, so cooking might not be a good idea.

Geez, I might as well just go the fuck to sleep.

*I don't understand it, every mid-late May turns me so girly. I even wore lipstick today. If I buy anything resembling a strappy sandal or a floppy hat with a flower on it, someone needs to stage an intervention

** driving down South to look at one last house - keep your fingers crossed because I will be 422% less stressed once a lease is signed

*** that shit is DULL

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  • I don't do floppy or strappy either. Unless we're talking about my 4-yo nursing bras. :)

    By Blogger Michele, at 12:09 AM  

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