Friday, June 08, 2012

I don't like talking on the phone

I really just don't like it - if you're friends with me, you know that my preferred means of communication is email, after that it's texts, then IM, then hand-written letters, then Morse code, then smoke signals, then telepathy, then phone.

I prefer to gather information from a conversation, digest it, then reply (I like to think I come off smarter that way) - phone conversations aren't like that, they're just so... there. Not to mention how much I hate the banalities of small talk, all the compulsory bullshit you have to go through before you get to whatever the actual conversation is about - "how are you", "how about this weather", "are you doing okay after your entire family was slaughtered by polar bears" - whatever, I'm not paying attention to your answers any more than you are.

Still there are people who insist on calling me and I can only dodge calls for so long.

I learned today that taking a call while grocery shopping is a bad idea because I get into a debate about whether or not Kevin Garnett is too old to be a viable trade option for the Lakers (he's not) and whether or not the Lakers should try to bring back Phil Jackson (they should), whether or not micro-internet fame is lucrative (it's not) and whether or not my soon-to-be neighborhood is a ghetto (it's not) and I pay more attention to the conversation than my shopping and I end up buying weird stuff like Cocoa Chex Mix, Wildberry Fruit Roll Ups and Crying Tiger Ramen instead of actual groceries.

Okay, let's be real, I would have bought the Crying Tiger Ramen anyway because... hello, Crying Tiger Ramen.

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  • 100% agree with this post. I hate talking on the phone, KG's totally a decent trade option, and Crying Tiger Ramen is always a good choice.

    By Blogger Mugdha, at 1:06 PM  

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