Monday, June 04, 2012

I am emotionally equipped to handle:

a) moving
b) moving into a way smaller house* than we live in now
c) becoming sort of almost a bit (internet) popular with whole embroidery thing
d) becoming sort of almost a bit successful with the whole embroidery thing
e) some family stuff I don't feel like sharing
f) all of the above - LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING BOSS
g) none. of. the. above.

If I haven't shaved my head, set myself on fire and/or alienated everyone I like by the end of this month, I will consider this experiment in stress a smashing success.

*but it's a very cute house, with hardwoods throughout and it doesn't smell like mold like this house does from all the leaks that it took my landlord over a year to fix

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