Wednesday, August 08, 2012

How Indian food is responsible for me owning aggressively ugly shoes that I can't wear in public

A few weeks ago, I met one of the parents of one of The Kid's new teammates, she seemed nice enough, but I know that her family is loaded, so I didn't assume we'd have much to talk about, but then we started talking about food, which happens to be my first language!

We were talking about how her kid is a picky eater, only eats burgers and pizza, she mentions that the last time they visited to India (where they're from), her kid barely ate the whole two weeks because he hates Indian food - I jokingly tell her that she should take me next time because I love Indian food, so she tells me that the next time the team has practice in Newport Beach (where they live), I can drop off The Kid and she and I can go to her favorite Indian restaurant.

Once I got past the whole "OMG, SOMEONE MADE AN OVERTURE OF FRIENDSHIP AND I DIDN'T IMMEDIATELY BURST INTO FLAMES" thing, I googled the restaurant and saw that it was one of those super nice kind of restaurants where they probably have a coat check and real napkins, not the kind of place where I can wear jeans that haven't seen the washer in two weeks, a tank top and flip flops (which is pretty much my standard uniform for summer - in the winter, I add a cardigan and exchange the flip flops for Converse).

I realize that before the move, I donated A LOT of shoes, and since the move I haven't been able to find any footwear but 3 different pairs of flip flops and two pair of Converse. And maybe having a cute pair of sandals wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Of course, I turn to the internet...

Have you ever bought shoes on the internet? There are A LOT of choices. A LOT. I find myself on a shoe site and within a few minutes, my eyes are glazed over by the sheer volume of sandals - gladiator sandals, platform sandals, wedge sandals... so I decide to take a break from the sandals and check out the clearance section.

In the clearance section, I find some of those barefoot shoes (the kind that have individual toes and are supposed to be super good for your feet) - something about them piqued my interest that particular day and then I'm looking for some on eBay... and I find some that aren't too expensive (because if I get them, I'm not necessarily a good-for-your-feet kind of shoe girl, so I'm not looking to invest several hundred bucks), but I wonder why they're not too expensive, so I google them to find if they cause polio or make your toes fall off and I find them on the Fila website for half of what they were on eBay. And the Fila website takes paypal*. Before I know what has happened, I've purchased them.

They showed up and... they're hideous. But comfortable as fuck. I haven't taken them off since I ripped open the box today.

And I still don't have cute black sandals, so if I end up with a girl-date for some fancy curry this week, I'm going to need to rummage through the garage and hope I can find something other than 20 pairs of Converse (which I suspect is the only other shoes I still own).

*everything I sell on etsy goes to my paypal account, so it's kind of like play money to me and I buy stuff like ugly shoes and vintage fabrics and lip gloss.

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  • Well, I am glad they are comfortable. :) I remember us commenting on shoes like this when we people watched at the hippy craft fair.

    By Blogger Giggly, at 9:12 AM  

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