Sunday, August 05, 2012

I have nothing intresting to say, so here are some pictures

This sticker was on the toilet paper holder in a gas station bathroom in Santa Barbara. And, yes, I know that there is nothing about this that isn't gross.

This was hanging in one of the exam rooms at the vet's office. The only way this dog could be more disconcerting is if it was a clown.

I was in the backyard this evening when I spotted this dragonfly, it was easily the prettiest bug I've ever seen, its body was like red velvet and its wings were all shiny and gold. It was also all kinds of patient, it let me get super close to it with my camera and even though it flew away a couple times, it kept coming back to the same spot. Fun fact: some cultures believe dragonflies are good luck (of course, some cultures believe they are sent by Satan... but I suppose something could be good luck from Satan, right?)


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