Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sometimes I get reminded that the universe is just a big old collection of checks and balances

Like how, today thanks to some recent diet and exercise (and Adderall*), I was able to zip up a pair of jeans that are the same size as jeans I wore in high school** &***. I squealed and did a dance.

Then, approximately half an hour later (in a less binding pair of pants), I spent 10 minutes trying to put on a tank top and legitimately thought there was a minute there when I was going to have to call for help getting myself untangled.

In summation -

smaller jeans = YAY

nearly being strangled by a tank top = BOO

* okay, yes, it's probably mostly the Adderall, whatever, you say "potato", I say "less ass".

** okay, yes, the jeans were from Forever 21, so they were vanity-sized all to hell, but still.

*** and I'm not saying that they looked great, there was certainly some muffin-top action going on and there's no way I could leave the house in them unless I were wearing a puffy winter coat or an M&M costume, but this is the first time in probably 15 or so years that I've been able to get a pair of jeans that size over my thighs

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