Sunday, September 02, 2012

I am too old to stay out until midnight. And I don't like crowds.

These two things were reinforced to me last night when I went out with the pal I've known the longest to a street fair.

But I am categorically unable to pass up a chance to hang out with someone who:

  • understands the anxiety I get in crowds of people
  • understands what it's like to own four or five of the exact same pair of jeans, but only wear one
  • feels the urge to punch someone in the throat upon hearing "Call Me Maybe" blasting from loud speakers
  • makes the same frustrated goat noise as you when you find yourselves trapped in a throng of people singing and dancing to a band that transitioned straight from a Bon Jovi song to a Michael Jackson song
  • gets my "Mean Girls" Kevin G reference
  • will encourage me to follow and attempt to photograph* and/or befriend the dwarf couple** at the fair

if you look real hard, you can see the guy on his scooter and the girl in her little sundress

** as awful as it is, dwarves*** make me immeasurably happy

*** firefox gives me the dotted red line for "dwarves" and thinks it should be spelled "dwarfs", but I think that looks weird

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