Thursday, September 13, 2012

I don't think that phrase means what you think it means

Tonight, I drove The Kid an hour and a half into the middle of nowhere to sit in a 1200 degree gym for 2 hours so he could try out for a basketball team that happens to be one of the best/most prestigious/most well-known youth basketball leagues in the country*.

The owner/founder of the league was going around schmoozing parents (and I know he's going to eventually get to me and I'm dreading it because I really hate small talk and, in my experience, guys involved with these leagues assume most of the moms know nothing about basketball), and he walks up to me to ask if I had a facebook, then he shoves a laptop at me and tells me to log in so he can make sure I've "Liked" their page** and then he starts telling me about how he's just getting in to social media to promote and market, so we start talking about social networking and promotion and I mention a few things about marketing and he says "I'm going to give you my business card so you can help me out with that."

I got very excited, like I always do when people bring up adult matters like this, and grabbed my purse. "I'll give you my business card, too, because I have those because I'm a grown up!"

*it's the first time this league has ever had a younger team, up until now, they've been strictly high school, so it was kind of a big deal for The Kid.

** I hadn't - whatever, it was a try out, I didn't want to commit to liking them until they committed to liking The Kid

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