Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I don't talk about politics often...

but it seems like a day can't pass lately without hearing about something idiotic that Mitt Effing Romney has said or done - whether it's him suggesting that emergency rooms are a free alternative to health insurance, or him thinking that strapping his dog to the top of the car is a good way transport his pet on family vacations, or him thinking that $250k a year is "middle class", or him not being aware that homosexuals have families, or, yesterday, him knowing how airplanes windows work.

We are all shaped by our experiences and our circumstances. I understand this. This dude is rich on a level that I can't even begin to comprehend. And he can't begin to comprehend what life is like for people who have less than eleventy bajillion dollars, but he doesn't seem to want to (in fact, he's even gone on record to say that he doesn't care about poor people. Dude, even if you feel that way, you're not supposed to say it out loud - how does he not know that?).

I'm not saying that the president has to be a genius... actually, you know what? I am saying that. If you want to be the leader of the free world, I want you to be intelligent. I want to to be mind-bogglingly smart (especially if you have one of the best educations money can buy), I want you to know the intricacies of aircraft pressurization, I want you to be aware of how health insurance works, I want you to understand that not everyone was afforded the same opportunities that you were, I want you to acknowledge that you are not a woman and thus should not try to govern the bodies of women, I want you to realize that who someone chooses to love and/or marry has no effect on your life or the sanctity of your marriage. And barring all of that, I want you to be smart enough to surround yourself with a team of people who know this shit. Or people who are willing to google facts before you spew them. Or at the very least, people who will tell you to shut your piehole once in a while.

And just a friendly reminder that it's National Voter Registration day, so if you're not registered, you should register and if you are but have moved or changed your name or anything like that, you should do it again or at least verify that you're registered for sure.

(just for the record, I'm not saying Obama is infallible or has never said something stupid in his time in the public eye. He just doesn't seem as condescending and willfully boneheaded as Romney.)

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