Friday, March 19, 2010

100 things - updated

so... every blogger does those cheesy lists of 100 useless (and not useless) bits of information about him or herself and my last one was... a few years ago, so - I figured I'd write up a new one -

1. I love cilantro
2. My first car was a baby blue 1969 VW Bug
3. I don't have a passport
4. I like being different places, but I don't like traveling
5. I'm a great singer when I have my iPod on
6. Without my iPod, strangely, I can't carry a tune in a bucket
7. My hair is naturally wavy, which suits my personality, but I prefer to wear it straight
8. I am incredibly accident prone.
9. I have an etsy shop
10. I like buying underwear
11. I like buying eyeshadows
12. I like window-shopping for cameras and kitchen equipment the way some women like shopping for designer purses and expensive shoes
13. I'm more prone to wearing lip gloss or lip balm than lipstick
14. Mandarin oranges are my favorite citrus fruit
15. I very rarely answer my phone
16. I prefer to communicate via email or text messages
17. I love attention, but only in small doses and only when I'm on the mood for it
18. I don't tan, I go from pasty white to pink, than back to white the next day
19. I get little cinnamon freckles across my nose in the summer
20. I'm German, Irish, Dutch and English
21. Sometimes I'm a little bit OCD
22. I often buy things in pairs (I mean things other than stuff that comes in pairs naturally)
23. I have weird rituals I do on a daily basis (not rituals rituals, just rituals)
24. I overthink EVERYTHING
25. I can come off as standoffish, but I'm mostly just shy/awkward
26. I'm extremely moody
27. I have a very short temper
28. I'm just as quick to get un-mad as I am to get mad
29. I'm usually only serious about 32% of the time
30. I don't like to lie, but this doesn't mean I always tell the whole truth
31. I'm a useless information junkie, I can't imagine my life without google
37. I don't like feet - at all - not my own, not anyone else's - they're just icky
32. I used to hate being tall, but I kind of like it now
33. The only problem with being tall is finding jeans that are long enough
34. I used to hate my big lips, but I kind of like them now
35. I have cartoonishly not-cute feet, they're Flintstone feet
36. I like the way my toenails look when they're painted
37. I like shoes - not in that cliched girly-expensive-high-heel way, though
38. Speaking of cliched girly stuff, I don't like things like roses, gold jewelery or expensive purses
39. I'm terrible at wrapping presents
40. I have an irrational dislike for greeting cards
41. Sometimes I don't think before I speak
42. Often, this results in me saying the wrong thing at the wrong time
43. I think "Midnight Train to Georgia" by Gladys Knight and the Pips is one of the best songs ever written
44. I tend to compartmentalize people in my life, no one gets to see all the compartments
45. I like to sleep
46. I like wearing pajama bottoms
47. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with horses and the Smurfs
48. I'm indigenous to Southern California but I've lived in 4 other states
49. I have to have coffee within 10 minutes of rolling out of bed
50. I have 1 dog, 2 cat, 4 snakes, a bearded dragon and a kid
51. If I had the room, I'd love to have goats and chickens because I fell in love with them with I worked at the farm in Texas (go donate if you can, they always need it)
52. "Hot Fuzz" is one of my favorite movies
53. "Valley Girl" is another
54. "Gladiator" is another
55. "An Affair to Remember" is another
56. I played roller derby for about 2 years in 2 different cities
57. Sometimes I really miss skating (but I don't miss the headaches that come from dealing with 20-30 total bitches strong-minded women.)
58. I still have a spectacular collection of knee socks from my derby days
59. I love the smell of fabric softener
60. I don't have a favorite color
61. I'm extremely nearsighted (but will never be seen in public in my glasses because they make me look like a bug)
62. For me, a perfect day would be a day spent taking pictures
63. Another perfect day would be a day spent in an Ikea
64. I like experimenting with stuff - I'd be a scientist if I owned a lab coat and had finished college
65. Sometimes I make bad decisions on purpose, just to see what will happen
66. My two front teeth are fake, I knocked them out falling off of a bike in 7th grade
67. I don't have any tonsils
68. I don't make friends very easily
69. ... tee hee, 69
70. I can be incredibly immature (see above)
71. When I find someone interesting, I will ask him or her a million questions
72. I'm extremely picky about how my eggs are prepared, I like them over-medium or scrambled provided there is no slime
73. My kid is the funniest person on the planet
74. When he's not being the funniest person on the planet, he drives me insane
75. I have 10 tattoos and plan on at least one or two more
76. My sense of touch is my favorite of my 5 senses
77. Rapid City, South Dakota is one of my favorite cities
78. I'm semi-persnickety about punctuation and grammar
79. I have a lot of "old lady" hobbies like collecting dolls and doing embroidery, but I make them cool
80. I sleep with my feet sticking out from under the covers
81. I like word games
82. I'm sporadically lactose-intolerant
83. I make my own cheese and bread
84. I like reading biographies
85. Seriously running out of stuff to say here
86. My favorite salad dressing is bleu cheese
87. I'm a polite driver, always use my turn signals, even when no one is around
88. I hate being stuck in traffic
89. I've wanted to be a writer since I was in 2nd grade
90. I drink a lot of water
91. When I was younger, I experimented a tiny bit with drugs, tried smoking and tried to be an alcoholic, but none of them stuck
92. I hate putting my duvet into my duvet cover
93. I exfoliate on a regular basis
94. I like getting email (except stupid forwards and chain e-mails - if you send me those, I'm so blocking you)
95. I have a MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, but I really hate all that social networking crap - I don't need that many updates from ANYONE, nor does anyone need to know that much about the minutiae of my life
96. Much of my humor and/or thought processes are inappropriate
97. I always carry my camera with me
98. I never apologize for anything (mostly because I'm never wrong)
99. I've got a comeback for everything
100. If you manage to render me speechless, even momentarily, we're going to be friends forever

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  • Yep. We're related. This settles it. Except the cilantro bit.

    By Blogger Jootastic, at 11:46 PM  

  • oh my god your kid has green hair. you are the coolest mom ever.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:05 PM  

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