Saturday, March 13, 2010

Parenthood - every day is a learning experience

Anyone who has kids, or has spent any time around a baby knows how excruciatingly cute it is when they fall asleep on your chest.

If you'd asked me yesterday, if I thought it would be just as cute when The (now 11-year-old) Kid crawled onto the couch to take a nap on me - I would have said "of course, you silly cow" - especially now that he IS a "big kid" and isn't nearly as cuddly as he was before he was able to flee my sporadic moments of affection.

And it was cute... for about five minutes, until the weight of his 5'2", 70-something pound body made one of my arms and one of my legs fall asleep. Also, sleepy kid Dorito breath is not nearly as endearing as sleepy baby milk breath. Who knew?


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