Friday, September 24, 2010

What do you mean I spend too much time on the internet?

The Kid, athletic little booger he is, decided to join his school's flag football team and they had their first game yesterday.

I have zero knowledge of football, all I know is that there are 83 people on the field at all times, the whistle blows and they crash into each other. I don't understand the scoring or any of the rules or any of it.

But since The Kid is involved, I have to go to these games.

Yesterday, I'm sitting courtside (?) with the baby daddy and I ask him to explain the game to me.

him: okay, see Zack over there? He's the quarterback...

me: I don't know what that means, you might as well be speaking Mandarin Chinese.

him: He's the quarterback, he's like Tony Romo. You know who Tony Romo is, right?

me: I used to think he was a rib restaurant, but he's the guy who dated Jessica Simpson.

him: please don't ask me any more questions.


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