Saturday, February 12, 2011


okay, not that kind of limbo, unfortunately, but I'm in the limbo between sick and not-sick - and I have been for the last week. And I could handle it if it were a head cold, I'd just do Dayquil shots and go about my business - but it's like a stomach issue and it just makes me feel like 33 shades of ickiness.

Also, it sucks to be sick on my birthday - I should be stuffing my face with red velvet cake balls (OMG YUM) and trying out my new pasta machine thing and downloading free apps on my new iPod Touch (OMG LOVE) and wearing my new necklace from my sister (okay, that I can do)  - not lying on the couch feeling like I'm dying.

Also, also - this is my first birthday without my dad - I guess this is the first of those dad-losing milestones. Fun fact - I was the only child at whose birth my dad was actually present - my brother was born in some Catholic hospital where they didn't allow the baby daddies to be in the room and by the time my sister was born (10 years after my brother, six years after me), the marriage was petering out and my mom didn't even invite him to the hospital.


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