Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Just a reminder of 2 rules of the universe

1) if you're going to Petsmart, PUT ON SOME GODDAMN SHOES. Seriously, of the places where I would walk around barefoot, a pet store is not even in the top 1000. (I was unable to keep the look of horror off of my face when I passed some shoe-less lady in the cat litter aisle today. I may or may not have hissed "grossssssss!")

2) If you find a vintage velvet painting at a thrift store, you must purchase it. Even if it is a painting of a train and cowboys and is insanely tacky and you really don't have anywhere to hang it. It's a GODDAMN VINTAGE VELVET PAINTING.

click it to see it bigger (but also imagine it full size - around 2 x 3.5 feet)

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  • Oh, that is gross. Shoes should be required for service at Petsmart.

    By Blogger Mugdha, at 6:47 PM  

  • Ewww...and they weren't even those toe shoe things? :)

    Randy told me I should do an embroidery on Velvet once, when we were eating and admiring a nice velvet work of art in a Mexican restaurant. I think you should. You know, do an embroidery on velvet...*nudge nudge*

    By Blogger Giggly, at 8:42 PM  

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