Friday, January 14, 2011

tiny little update from Florida

so we're doing the family thing and it's been good, just talking about my dad and doing our best impressions of him - it's been a pleasant time.

I've also been shocked and amazed by the kindness people have been showing my stepmom - in addition to flowers and cards and calls, people from her work have dropped up a metric pantload of food - lunchmeats, cheese, mayo, mustard, desserts, sodas, and bread - oh so much bread - I've never seen so much food and I've never seen such an amazing outpouring of care from a group of people, her boss has stopped by the past 3 days to bring food and stuff, it's unbelievable. I didn't think people were actually like this.


Also, my travel anecdote - I haaaaaaate traveling - hate it - I hate the crowds, I hate the smell of airplanes, I hate the stupid cramped seats, I hate taking off my shoes for the scanner thing, and I really really hate how 98% of the people in the airport act like they've never flown before. HATE IT. DREAD IT.

The only thing I hate more than flying would be having to drive a huge long distance to get to an airport - so Tuesday morning, I woke up at 2AM to leave by 3 to get to LAX by 6 - and I grumped my way through the TSA thing and slumped over to the gate and dramatically threw down my laptop bag and backpack and pull out my iPod - as I'm untangling the ear pieces, I look over and see a dwarf waiting to get on my flight - not just a short guy, a legitimate dwarf. I was so excited, I LOVE dwarves, they make me happy, and as wrong as it is, I wish I had a dwarf sidekick.

I waited until boarding time and was hoping against hope that I would get to sit next to him (or have him ride on my lap) because that would have made me not hate flying - but instead, I got stuck next to some couple from New York who were going to Europe for a couple of months and spent half the time before takeoff calling their doorman to find out if Bloomingdales had delivered their new linens because they wanted to have their maid come and put them on the beds. I would have tripped them when we were on our way off the plane had they not elbowed me out of the way to get out before me. Way to be assholes, guys!


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