Sunday, May 15, 2011

so, apparently we're not leaving California at the moment - the dude got the job offer for the thing in Washington, but the offer wasn't awesome enough to lure us away from here.

As much as I do truly love it here, I was kind of looking forward to living nearer to a bigger city and a bigger airport and an Ikea, oh, and my sister, of course  - and I had kind of sort of mentally broken up with* California and was kind of sort of excited about moving and learning a new city...

But alas, one drive down our stupidly lovely coast and I'm in love with the state again.

We are talking about moving, though, buying a place since now is pretty much the only time in the history of the state when anyone who isn't a kazillionaire can afford to buy - and I suppose, if we're staying forever and ever (or at least a couple more years), might as well live somewhere where I can paint the walls.

And looking for a house is super fun, I'm actually not super picky with houses - sure, I tend to prefer mid-century modern architecture and/or slightly older homes in neighborhoods where no one has a pit bull chained up to their front porch or fifteen cars up on blocks in the yard, but other than that, if a house has a garbage disposal (our rental house doesn't and it drives me NUTS) and has a master bedroom that isn't an add-on, thus not matching the rest of the house and possibly being poorly built and/or having crappy ventilation (our rental house, the house we owned in Savannah AND our last house in Phoenix all had that), and a fenced backyard for the pets, I'll be a happy girl. Oh, and if it had a refrigerator that didn't freeze the fuck out of everything in the bottom half of it, that would kind of be nice, too.

Although, the next time this house needs some stupid expensive repair, I might go ahead and rethink the ownership thing...

*I'm good like that with pretty much everything, once I see the finish line of something, we're pretty much done - like when you have that "oh" moment with a person**, or when you know you're going to get fired from a job, or when your favorite tv show jumps the shark.

** you know, when you meet someone and you get along great and you're considering adding them to your instant messenger or and then you find out that he or she is vegan or a Republican or batshit crazy or just boring as hell - right after that moment, *poof* magically over them and they're deleted from my phone and my facebook

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  • Wishing that we could inherit your current plan, instead we may be adopting your old plan.... :/ "May". I don't really want to leave here either...but it might be time for us to move on to the awesome gloom...more on that later. :o

    Good luck house hunting. I say keep your eyes peeled in the 5 cities...I know you love those sunsets. ;)

    By Blogger Giggly, at 5:02 PM  

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