Sunday, May 01, 2011

So I've mentioned my recent follicular issues and, after more boxes of hairdye, packages of grape kool-aid and gallons of conditioner than I'd like to admit, my hair is probably about as close to the Aniston-esque color as it's going to get for now - go, me - but because of all that, my hair was a little damaged and I had to lose a bit of the length, so instead of the below the shoulder mop I've been sporting for a while, it's a teeny bit above my shoulders and layered (it's about 2 inches shorter than tan-realtor-with-an-ad-in-the-local-newspaper and about 3 inches longer than chubby-white-girl-who-has-an-eyebrow-ring-and-dates-black-guys).

Today, I'm at a basketball game for The Kid and the mom of one of his teammates does a doubletake when she sees me.

"You are always doing different stuff with your hair!" she says, as though it's news to me. (granted she's probably had the same hairstyle since 1991, so it probably seems weird to her)

We're not pals so I'm not going to bore her with the hair chronicles, so I just say "Oh, yeah, you know, I'm always trying new things. I should probably just shave it off..." and before I can say "and buy wigs instead", she interrupts and says -

"Oh, and start over?"

This woman's kid and The Kid have been on the same basketball team on and off for over 2 years and she is pathologically incapable of remembering my name... but she thinks she knows me well enough that she can finish my sentences?


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  • Your stories always crack me up. I bet your hair is awesome.

    By Blogger Mugdha, at 11:13 AM  

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