Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So I got a facebook notification about my upcoming 20th high school reunion

I have many thoughts about this including, but not limited to:

  • I am fucking OLD
  • The pre-reunion (???) takes place at a football game at the school - I didn't go to high school football games when I was in high school, why would I want to go now?
  • The reunion reunion takes place at a Dave & Busters and is "semi-formal"... um, excuse me, if I'm going to a place with video games, skeeball, and hot wings, you're going to be lucky if I'm wearing clean jeans
  • The whole point of a high school reunion is so you can see which cheerleaders got boob jobs and which football players went bald, right? We have facebook for that now, no jalapeno poppers necessary
  • I'm in touch* with the people from high school with whom I want to be in touch, why would I want to drive 4 hours to a sports bar to do shots with the treasurer of the ASB?

* by "in touch" I mean "facebook friends with whom I have little to no contact"

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