Monday, March 19, 2012

If you make a situation awkward, I'll make it awkwarder

It's my superpower.

Today my physical therapy appointment was later than my usual and it was a fairly busy time on the therapy floor. The therapy place has 5 or 6 big bed things (they're seriously king-size bed sized) where people do exercises or get ice or heat therapy. Because it was so crowded, my therapist lady points me over to a bed where a lady is getting her ankle iced and reading a magazine on half of the bed.

I lay down on the bed and start doing my exercises and the lady turns to me and says "Oh, we're sharing a bed." She's a little weird about it, I mean, we're both fully clothed and in a room full of people, but she says it like we should each have one foot on the floor.

Before I can say anything, she says "Two strangers, sharing a bed!" like it's positively salacious.

So I say "Right? And for once I'm not drunk!"


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