Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Remember that bike and beer thing?

Yeah, well, it happened... it's happening... I'm in Colorado right now staring out the balcony of a hotel room, watching ski-lifty things moving up and down a wildflower-covered mountain.

New Belgium Beer (recently voted one of the best places to work) flew me out to Colorado to spend a week following the USA Pro Challenge bike race (it's "America's Race") and being creative about it.

I've been here since Sunday and it's been a dizzying crash course in bikes, bike racing, beer and breathing in high altitudes.

I've learned that there is more to bicycle racing than just going fast, I ate Colorado-style pizza with honey on the crust, I've seen more lycra than I'd ever imagined and I met Bill Walton in my hotel hallway last night.

I've taken about 90 bajillion pictures of dizzying landscapes and wildflowers and lots of other nature-type stuff, but I forgot the cord for my camera (and I forgot sunscreen, which was worse than forgetting the cord because the sun out here is not kind to pasty white skin like mine). So that will have to wait.

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