Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Just getting prepared for summer...


*j/k - he actually locked himself into the carrier, he was trying to prove that there was no way for the new dog** to get out of the crate that she is all too capable of getting herself

** yes, new dog, she's a six-year-old Boston Terrier (totally copying my sister) who was a stray, then adopted, then returned to the shelter because she was "too mellow" - she's great with the dog and the cats and sleeps about 23.5 hours of the day and if she were house-trained***, she would be the perfect

*** for effing real, how does a dog get to be 6 and not trained at all? Seriously, she doesn't even know "sit".

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  • I <3 Ruby!
    Also, is it possible for a dog to be "too mellow"?

    By Blogger excruciatingly, at 4:40 AM  

  • She is the cutest! I love her smirk in this picture! She's like, "Hey, so I pee in the house. So do you!"

    By Blogger Jooli H., at 11:58 AM  

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